Columbia and Jefferson City Rank Among the Best Cities for Women in the Workforce

When it comes to pay, women still make only about 78% of what men bring home. This is a tough truth about the lack of equal pay for equal work, but it isn’t necessarily the full picture.

New research by the American Association of University Women shows the pay gap can be smaller or bigger depending on where you live, with figures varying by as much as 25%.

That made us wonder: Which U.S. cities offer the best economic opportunities for women? Could moving help your career? To find the answer, we analyzed 2,100 U.S. cities, and since not everyone wants to move to large urban centers, we also broke the list down into midsize and small cities.

In every category, the cities that are the best for women — when taking into account women’s wages, cost of living, unemployment and labor force participation rates — were squarely in middle America.

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